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5BTC i8ShakC1odsNelv6xsle8sefu1fHi5MsiL Few minutes ago10BTC Processing..
0.03BTC kjs3nJs6oshie1kAei9latFe1wVkst2hH8 Few minutes ago0.06BTC Processing..
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         + HOW DOES IT WORK?

- The first thing you need to do is to register with us using your bitcoin Address and password. After that, choose investment plan, complete your investment and wait for 12 hours to receive double of your investment.
- It takes just 12 hours to receive double of your bitcoin invested with us. But in rare cases, it takes little longer than that if there is bad server gateway integration

         + HOW DO I GET PAID?

- You get paid every 12 hours directly to the bitcoin wallet address on your account. It is highly recommended that before registering on 12hoursbtc.ga you must make sure you own the wallet address you want to use because after a successful registration, you cannot change your wallet address anymore. This is put in place for security purposes.
- Yes. We have affiliate program which gives every member 50% referral benefit from the every investment made by the person you refer to 12hourbtc.ga through your referral link which can be found in your dashboard
- As a new person who want to earn bitcoin, you must first of all create your bitcoin wallet, then buy bitcoin. You can create your wallet by typing www.block chain.info/wallet on your browser and hit enter. There are various places where you can buy Bitcoins but we - as Experts - recommend the following two: Buy Bitcoins using Credit / Debit card with CoinMama. Buy Bitcoins using PayPal, Skrill, Bank Transfers, in person or using other options with LocalBitcoins.
- No, we are not really giving out free bitcoin but giving part of the interest accrued from our website. We generate huge of interest from our hot wallet investment using the bitcoin you invest with us; it is out of this we pay our clients who trust and doing business with us.
- Yes, you can trust us! We are trusted by thousands of clients across the globe. We are experts in the crypto currency investment world. And most importantly,Our data centers are located on multiple locations around the World to make sure that our system has 100% uptime with zero chance for a transaction to fail.Our website is CDN powered, SSL secured and protected against DDoS attacks to make sure that your visit on our website is completely safe.
- Because we are the best among all bitcoin doublers in the world of cryptocurrency. We are reliable and trustworthy business entity based on our timely payment to our customers.
- Our investment plans range from 0.03BTC and 5BTC. This means that the minimum you can invest is 0.03BTC and the maximum is 5BTC.
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